Match or Memory: Human Organs Miniatures with 3-Part Laminated Cards (C)


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These gorgeous, super appealing Laminated photo 3-Part photo cards include matching miniatures for 8 organs. They are bound to be favorites as residents will love working with this captivating set.

Use the set with the picture-only tiles for vocabulary and conversations, or match the card to the corresponding object as well as for sorting activities.

Depending upon the stage of the patient, all 3-parts can be used: read a word label, match it to the picture-only card or to the mini object.

Discussions, conversations and story telling activities will be inspired through this activity set.

Set includes 8 organ cards (24 total cards) plus 8 matching irresistible items.Organs include: small intestine, large intestine, brain, heart, kidney, lungs, stomach, and liver. Cards measure 2-1/4" square.