Conversation Match or Memory Photos & CD: Instrumental (C)


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With real sound effects and clear full-color laminated photos, sets have flexible listening games at 3 different levels.

Sounds with the photos featured in these games will help seniors learn to listen carefully and make connections between sounds and creatures or things that make those sounds.

Photo cards can be used by themselves for vocabulary enrichment or with the CD for individuals or groups.

Set contains thirty 4 x 4” instrument photo cards (15 classroom instruments and 15 other), audio CD with sound sequences - featuring real sound effects to match the photo cards, teacher's notes.

Class instruments: tambourine, singing,drum, maracas, clapping, glockenspiel, cymbals, recorder, triangle, guiro, vibraslap, hand bell, claves, rainstick. Other instruments: acoustic guitar, flute, piano, trombone, violin, bagpipes, drum kit, saxophone, trumpet, timpani, harp, accordion, double bass, bongos, electric guitar.

Set contains no small parts. No returns if opened