Kitchen Cutting & Slice Sequence Kit (C)


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Seniors will feel great pride as they slice and cut with our set of 5 tools. The tools allow for various skill levels to prepare cut foods from learning to slice a banana to cutting their own veggies! Supervision needed with all the items. Includes:

1. Spreader: Use the stainless steel spreader for spreading peanut butter, soft cheese, jam and other sandwich spreading as well as for chopping soft fruits such as bananas. The rounded blunt tip and serrated blade makes the knife easier and safer.

2. Press & Slice Banana Slicer: Our Banana Slicer is so irresistible and easy to use, it will be a go-to slicer for seniors. Perfect to cut banana slices for snacks, salads, crepes, hot fudge sundaes or to serve to a guest as a snack. The slicer has a non-slip grip, and is easy to use and clean. Simply place the banana inside the yellow slice marks and press on the clear plastic portion!

3. Wavy Veggie Cutter: Place both hands on top of the plastic handle, then press straight down, making sure little fingers are safely out of the way of the blade. Place both hands on the easy to grip plastic top, making sure fingers are safely out of the way.

4. Wood Handle Crinkle Cutter: Perfect for hard veggies and fruits such as carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, celery, pears and apples. One hand holds the handle and the other hand presses down on top of the metal piece.

5. Easy Grip Nylon Plastic Knife: The serrated knife slices through lettuce, beefsteak tomatoes, carrots, bread, garlic, fresh herbs beautifully.

Colors of wavy veggie cutter handle may vary from that pictured